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Real Life Experience

70% of students complete an internship prior to graduating. Talk with your professors about how to make this happen for you.

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Through Adventist Colleges Abroad, students can study in places like France, Germany, Argentina, and more.


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PUC is “All In” for The 2023-2024 School Year

PUC is “All In” for The 2023-2024 School Year

October 3, 2023

Another school year has started at Pacific Union College. 

“All In” is the theme for this year that the Student Association has chosen. 这个主题提醒大家,在这个PUC社区有支持,一起工作可以完成任何事情. 

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Payscale Ranks PUC Among Top Three in 2023 College Salary Report

Payscale Ranks PUC Among Top Three in 2023 College Salary Report

October 2, 2023

对于拥有副学士学位的毕业生来说,全球赌博十大网站(Pacific Union College)再次跻身投资回报率最高的前三名, according to Payscale’s 2023 College Salary Report.

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PUC Climbs U.S. News & World Report Best Colleges List

PUC Climbs U.S. News & World Report Best Colleges List

September 18, 2023

Pacific Union College was again lauded for its excellence in higher education, ranking high among the region’s top institutions in the U.S. News & World Report 2023-24 Best College list released today.

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July 21, 2023

It’s no secret that hospitals, doctor’s offices, schools, and more in the United States are facing a nursing staff shortage. More nurses are needed to replace those retiring. The good news is that college nursing programs are seeing a rise in students. However, more qualified nurse faculty are in demand to teach these new nurses.

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Albion Field Station

Albion Field Station


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Alumni Highlights


Alex Chang, '19

PUC alum Alex Chang (B.S. 最近出版了一本名为《全球赌博十大网站》的书. 这本书讲述了他的传教经历,包括他在公共大学做学生传教士时的故事.


Marnie Breckenridge, '93

Marnie Breckenridge is an internationally acclaimed soprano from St. Helena. Growing up, she loved singing and was a natural performer, 她高中和大学的老师都告诉她,她可以做这个专业.


Nephtali Marin, '21

Nephtali Marin graduated from PUC in 2021 with a B.F.A in Film, 并决定留在我们美丽的校园,继续他对摄像的热情,帮助公关部门. Having worked at PUC’s PR office since his freshman year of college, 他分享说,成为先锋队家庭的一员是一件美好的事情,这种关系会持续一生.


Brenda Mohr, '85

Brenda Mohr graduated with Music Education in 1985, 她是第一个用强大的里格管风琴表演她的高级独奏会的管风琴学生. She loved PUC because of the beautiful location, spiritual environment, caring professors, and the wonderful people who became lifelong friends. 她现在是罗玛林达大学教会唱诗班主任,喜欢通过音乐事工服务.


Dr. Carlyn Ferrari, '06

PUC alumna Dr. Carlyn Ferrari (English, writing emphasis B.A. ’06) wrote a book titled, Do Not Separate Her From Her Garden: Anne Spencer’s Ecopoetics, 她展示了安妮·斯宾塞如何以激进和创新的方式使用自然象征主义来表达她的黑人女性身份, politics, and worldview.